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The Top Curtains And Blinds Cleaning Facts

Window curtains and blinds are a stylish way of imparting an elegant look to the appearance of the home and other places. Apart from adding a beautiful appearance, blinds & curtains are for ensuring the privacy of your living space. Whether you are choosing a fabric curtain or have installed blinds, you need to be careful of the dust. One major concern of any homeowner is the cleaning and removal of dust. How do I maintain the curtains and blinds? There are many Curtains & Blinds Cleaning facts and tips that one should know if they want to take care of their curtains and keep them intact for a longer time. Do you want to know how to take good care of your curtains?

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Follow these cleaning tips that will eliminate dust and dirt from them-

  1. Do the cleaning using a vacuum cleaner

One of the best ways through which you can keep your curtains and blinds clean is by a vacuum cleaner. If you are regularly cleaning the curtains with the vacuum cleaner, it helps in keeping them dust free and looks prettier. For best results, you need to make sure that the vacuum cleaner is having a soft attachment and nozzle. 

  1. Avoid using direct cleaner

Another important Curtains & Blinds Cleaning Fact that one should know is avoiding the direct use of the cleaner. Whatever type of cleaner you’re using, make sure you are not using it directly on the window blinds and curtains. For a window curtain/blinds cleaning, just put a few drops of cleaning solution and then rub it quickly.

  1. Brushing in the downward direction

If you have window blinds in your home then make sure to keep them closed while cleaning. Now, brush the blinds using a clean dry cloth from top to bottom. Make sure you are using the cloth in the downward direction of the blinds. To avoid the accumulation of dust, you need to do this at a regular interval of time. Be gentle while cleaning them and get sparkling blinds with this Curtains & Blinds Cleaning Fact and tip.

  1. Use dry sponge

Another important tip that you can follow is to use a dry sponge for effective cleaning of window blinds. A dry sponge is a good option for different types of window blinds including plastic and wooden. To clean blinds, use a sponge and then wipe every part of the blinds gently. 

  1. Removing stain with a mild and gentle dishwashing liquid

Using a mild and gentle dishwashing liquid is also a great Curtains & Blinds Cleaning Facts and tip. For this, you just needed to mix the liquid cleaner in warm water and then rub it into the stains. You can do this using a cloth or a sponger. 

If your curtain fabric is a bit tough then you can also use a toothbrush for removing the stains effectively. Another option for curtain & blinds cleaning is choosing a professional curtain cleaner so that you can get a clean and stain-free curtain.