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However, blinds are typically overlooked when it comes time to clean the house, despite their significance to the home’s aesthetics, privacy, and security.

Finding a method of cleaning Roman blinds that is mild enough to remove dirt and grime without damaging the fabric can be challenging. We are the go-to company for cleaning Roman blinds when you need a quick, hassle-free solution. Hire Captain curtain cleaning company for best curtain cleaning services.

Your home’s blinds can be given new life with the help of our Roman blind cleaning service or blind repairs service, saving you the cost of Rehanging blinds.

Our cleaning crew will do everything, so you experience as little disruption as possible. Roman shades can be professionally cleaned by us and returned to you sanitised, odour-free, and looking as good as new!

Learn About Our Efficient Method For Cleaning Roman Blinds

Allergens can become trapped in Roman blinds, including dust, pollen, pet hair, and nicotine. When you dust by hand, you transfer the dust from the head rail to the fabric and the wires. A regular cleaning schedule can lengthen the time until the next deep cleaning is necessary, but it cannot replace it. 

We utilize ultrasonic blind cleaning, in which ultrasonic sound waves are passed through water to create tiny bubbles that blow open blinds and knock loose any dust or debris stuck inside. This procedure is quite efficient without damaging the blinds in any way.

Cleaning your blinds with an ultrasonic cleaner can save time because it doesn’t necessitate taking them down.

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  • Roman Blinds
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So Why Should You Hire Professionals to Clean Your Roman Blinds?

  • Maintaining clean blinds is crucial for many reasons, but curb appeal and health are at the top of the list. Regarding the former, it is common knowledge that Roman blinds are notorious for collecting and harbouring a wide variety of dust, filth, and grease. If you also have pets, the problem is exacerbated because pet hair ends up on them.
  • Most frequently affected are white blinds, which quickly lose their original hue once dirt accumulates on them. Blinds of any colour, including brown, black, or grey, can lose their lustre and appear unclean if they aren’t regularly cleaned.
  • Dust on blinds can aggravate allergies and asthma, so keeping them clean is essential for more than just aesthetics. It mayn’t bother you because you don’t have allergies, but if your coworkers have, they may have a hard time because the dust on the blinds in the workplace makes them sick.
  • Your windows may get dirty from the blinds, and you’ll also have to pay for professional window cleaning services. You and your business will benefit significantly from investing in blind cleaning services.

Professional blind cleaning is our speciality, and our staff has extensive knowledge in the field. If you want your blinds ultrasonically cleaned, you can call us because we employ the most cutting-edge technology. Ultrasonic cleaning effectively cleans all types of blinds, including Venetian, vertical, and Roman blinds, to a deeper level.

We Offer Roman Blind Cleaning in Canberra and Surrounding Areas

Roller and Roman blinds are two of the most popular window coverings, and we know that their care can be nearly as laborious as that of drapery. To clean a roller blind, you must first unroll it. Finally, it is rolled up again after it has dried in the air. On the other hand, Roman blinds necessitate unstrung blinds, dowel removal, and dry cleaning. If you hire a Roman blinds cleaning service from us, we will come to your home and clean the blinds for you.

The western and eastern suburbs of Canberra are within our service region. We also have a crew of curtain cleaners and blind cleaners based in the northern and southern suburbs. Our staff have Certificate III in Cleaning Operations.

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January 31, 2023

Wow, what a difference! Facing colour fading issue with the curtains. All I can say is wow again. The curtains look brand new and smell good. Thank you for your super quick service. I am delighted! J. Hope


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I wanted to thank you for the excellent and professional service given by your employees. They cleaned the curtain so well and made me satisfied. Brilliant results left the curtains looking clean and fresh. Amazing job!


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January 31, 2023

I was searching for a reasonable and professional company and I found this. Did an excellent job, they managed the stained curtain to look perfect as new and smelled amazing what a difference. Highly recommended!

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