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How Curtains Are Cleaned While They Are Hanging?

Everyone knows how to clean the curtains by removing them, but do you know you can also clean the curtains while they are hanging? Many people want an easy and effective way to clean the curtains that will help in saving their time and energy. You need to take care of the damage that can be caused by cleaning the curtains while hanging. To know in detail about how curtains are cleaned while they are hanging, read the blog. 

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Steps For Cleaning The Curtains While They Are Hanging- 

Step 1- Inspect Your Curtains And Know The Material- You need to know about the material of the curtains before cleaning them. There are various types of materials from which the curtains are made of. Some of the materials are delicate and might require extra effort while cleaning them. On the other hand, inspection will help you in knowing about the stains and dirt that are present on the curtains. 

Step 2- Vacuum Your Curtains- Once you inspect your curtains properly, it is important to vacuum your curtains. This will help in removing the dirt and dust present on the curtains. Vacuuming should be done thoroughly from all the parts of the curtains. Make sure you don’t vacuum from too close as it might damage the curtains too. As a replacement for the vacuum cleaner, you can also use a broom to remove the dirt. This step is also known as the pre-treating of the curtains. 

Step 3- Steam Cleaning Your Curtains- People often get confused between steam cleaning and vacuuming the curtains, but they are completely different from each other. Steam cleaning is one of the most important steps by which the curtains are cleaned while they are hanging. Steam is very effective for removing most of the stains from the curtains. The steam cleaning technique is usually used for removing stubborn greasy and oily stains from the curtains. 

In this method, a powerful hand steamer is used for stain removal. An upholstery attachment is used with the steam cleaner to dislodge the stains and dirt from the curtains. You should gently make vertical strokes with the steam cleaner and make sure you work in small sections to ensure you cover all the parts of the curtains. This method is effective for thick and natural fibre curtains. And one of the benefits of curtain cleaning is that it is a natural way of cleaning the curtains and doesn’t require any chemicals to get rid of stains. 

Step 4- Let The Curtains Dry- Once the curtains are cleaned properly, it is important to dry them. You can use a hair dryer to do this job. You can also let the curtains dry naturally using sunlight. This is an important step to take care of once the curtains are cleaned while they are hanging. 

Step 5- Deodorising The Curtains- After cleaning the curtains deodorising is also very important to get rid of bad odour and get a good fragrance out of the curtains. There are several deodorisers available in the market, you can choose the best of them by taking the expert’s advice. You can also use homemade remedies such as baking soda and vinegar for deodorising the curtains. This step is very important once the curtains are cleaned while they are hanging.

Step 6- Leave Your Curtains In Fresh Air- Once the curtains are thoroughly cleaned and deodorised, you should leave them in the fresh air for some time. This will ensure that your curtains are completely dried up and all the moisture is eliminated from the curtains.  

Benefits Of Cleaning The Curtains While They Are Hanging- 

  • Saves Time- Cleaning the curtains while they are hanging can save a lot of your time and energy. Not removing the curtains from the hangers will help in removing the stains and dirt easily from the curtains. This will save you a lot of your time. 
  • Easy To Clean- Curtain cleaning is a tough job and it can be made easy if you clean them while they are hanging. You will require minimum chemicals and you can get the best results with them. 
  • Effective For Cleaning- One of the most beneficial things about cleaning the curtains while they are hanging is that it provides effective cleaning. Spotting the stains can become easy on your curtains. 

Why Is Professional Curtain Cleaning Important?

Getting your curtains cleaned professionally can be a lot more beneficial than cleaning them on your own. Professional curtain cleaners are trained specially to help their customers in cleaning the curtains thoroughly. Professional cleaners know several treatments for cleaning all types of stains from the curtains.

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