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Removing Blood Stains From Your Silk Curtains

You might be having silk curtains in your home and all of a sudden you come across a blood stain. It would look disgusting and hence you would want to get rid of the same. Just check out the following information that will give you an idea about how to remove blood stains from silk curtains. You may want to get ahead with curtain cleaning at home. But this might not be possible because for silk curtains you need some special care. Read the information as it gives step by step ideas about removing blood stains from silk curtains.

Silk Curtains
Silk Curtains
  1. Attend and treat the stain quickly

You must treat the stain as soon as you come across the same. If the time passes then the stains will become stubborn. This will indicate that the problem will become grave. 

  1. Take ammonia and add it to a half glass of water

Take some ammonia and add it to a half glass of water. Pour this on the silk curtain where there is a blood stain. Instead of washing curtains, this step will prove to be an important one. So, take the relevant measures and blot the liquid when you put the same on the stain. So, take the right solutions ahead and then in that fashion, you will see that the blood stain will get faint.

  1. Now, take some hydrogen peroxide and use it to clean the stain mark

If you come across a small mark and now you want to completely get off the stain then you should use hydrogen peroxide. It will help you in perfect stain removal from silk material. This is something that even professionals follow for curtains and blinds cleaning.

  1. Using the ice cubes will also work

If you don’t want to use any chemical for blood stain removal then you should keep the paper towel behind the stain and then remove the stain with the help of an ice cube. This is also a useful method and it will work wonders for sure.

  1. Take up the professional curtain cleaning help 

It is vital that you take up curtain cleaning near me and for that, you must talk to the company. You must ask them what would be the best way to clean the stains. A blood stain is quite prominent and of course, this will create a kind of disgust in life. So, all you need to do is find a cleaning professional and tell them to come and clean the area.


Blood stains are supposed to create a kind of disgust. If by any chance they have come up on the silk curtains then you should take some special measures to do the needful. Cleaning the curtains well will indicate that there will be proper solutions for you. So, keep an eye on the right options. Plan things in such a way that you have access to the best solutions and that will bring in the basic ideas for you. Plan every action in the right way.